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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Welcome to my Blog everyone!

Tunnel in Spanish Harlem
 ©2012 Dave Ortiz for Steadyhand Imagery
Hello to my Professor and fellow students of the Digital Art and Design Class!

This course is the spark I have been waiting for. I'm really looking forward to get this blog off the ground.

About Me

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I am a NY based photographer that subscribes to Rick Sammons' philosophy of "specializing in not specializing". I want to shoot anything and everything. With that said, shooting street photography has become a passion, an  obsession, and recently, a movement. 
Life to me is about living a life that demonstrates passion. It's this passion that I strive toward memorializing in my images. There is beauty everywhere even in the mundane and it's isolating those moments or expressions creatively that makes all of the difference.
The photographers listed below, although a small list, are comprised of people whose impact to photography in an age of social media, whether through their pictures or generous feedback, have inspired and shaped my view creatively.
+Thomas Hawk
+Vivienne Gucwa the person who introduced me to Google Plus and changed my life.

I am the curator of the +TimeOut Thursday, +Street Life Saturday Google+ themes, and I am a curator of the G+ NY Photowalkers theme and page.
My personal webpage is




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